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Business Advisory Services

Business is in distress - Should it liquidate?         

  • Help determine if business should be shut down.
  • Suggest ways to liquidate.
  • Suggest ways to mitigate individual risk and exposure.
  • Suggest ways of re-starting business under another name and venue.
  • We can only help if there are no personal guarantees with debt and/or leases.

Business can be Restructured

  • Before a business is forced to declare bankruptcy or liquidate, we may suggest ways to return it to health.
  • Suggestions can range from ways to cut costs, negotiate agreements with suppliers, vendors, and landlords to reduce rent.
  • Alter operations as a means of increasing production, services and efficiency.
  • Help to produce a positive cash flow.
  • Systematically restructure the company around a smaller, but profitable "core" business.
  • Prepare a realistic turnaround plan that creditors will support.
  • Work closely with attorneys, accountants, and consultant.
  • Provide Litigation support.
  • Assist in securing
  • commercial and SBA financing to implement the turnaround and build your business.
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Stock Incentive Plans

Business Valuation 

ASSET VALUATION ADVISORS, LLC is a certified business appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers

Common Reasons to Value a Business

  • Partnership Buyouts, Buy-ins and Shareholder disputes.
  • Mergers Acquisitions/Business Sales.
  • Estate Planning & Gift Tax.
  • Buy/Sell and Shareholder Agreements.
  • Marital Dissolution.
  • Financing.

Business Sales

.If your business has turned around, and you like what you do, you should keep your company and grow it. However, if the turnaround has warn you out, you probably should sell the company and do something else. The good news is your company is now worth something, whereas before you turned it around, it was worth little or nothing. Manage it well while you have it on the market. If you decide to sell, we can help. Len Briskman is affiliated with Sunbelt Business Advisors in Bethesda, MD.

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